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Hi Class,

Welcome to this week in which we consider how to develop a philosophy of worship ministry. You'll watch a video by Daniel Gluck on mission statements which should help us begin to think through the importance of articulating these things.

The big project this week is the Philosophy of Worship Ministry Paper. I think you'll find that if you spend the time, it can be a very fruitful exercise that could be very helpful if you eventually end up leading worship. Keep in mind that I want to see you integrating the course materials in your paper to show what you've learned.

And don't forget that we have discussion this week. I've been really enjoying reading and engaging with you in the forums, so let's have another strong week as we talk about philosophies, their importance, and how to navigate the issue when there's a clash (particularly in a church context).

See you all in the forums!

~Prof. Sande
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